Why Partner with Abel HR

Frequently asked questions

What sets Abel HR apart?

We are licensed and registered in the state of New Jersey and adhere to strict reporting requirements. We are an active member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO)—an organization that works with regulatory and legislative bodies to monitor the industry. We have records that show we have paid timely payroll taxes and insurance premiums for clients over a substantial period of time. We are happy to provide client and professional references.

Will I lose control of my employees in a co-employment relationship?

No. In this case, co-employment simply means you are giving up are the countless back-office administrative and human resource tasks and headaches involved in having employees on your payroll. Abel HR serves as an administrative employer only. You remain the on-site employer in charge of everyday operational decisions that affect your company’s bottom line.

How can Abel HR negotiate better rates than my company can?

As an employer of thousands, we enjoy greater economies of scale when purchasing employee benefits. This not only applies to health, dental, 401(k) and Section 125 benefits, but also to workers’ compensation rates. We can often negotiate better workers’ compensation rates because our claims experience is spread over a much larger number of employees. Our comprehensive employee benefits package allows our clients to compete with major corporations to attract and retain the highest-quality employees.

What type of healthcare benefits does Abel HR offer?

  • Medical – Abel HR offers a wide variety of medical insurance plans to full-time, eligible employees. All of our plans are ACA-compliant.
  • Dental – We offer several options for dental care, from basic preventative to plans that cover major procedures.
  • Vision – At a time when many companies are dropping this benefit, we continue to offer vision care because we consider it a critical benefit.
  • Life – Our basic life insurance policy provides group term life with accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

How long has Abel HR been in business?

Abel HR President, James W. Bell, Sr., founded the firm in 1992. We offer top-notch service and value to thousands of employees across the U.S.