isolved Software

Abel HR uses the iSolved network to support our client’s needs.  Abel HR service packages boost productivity within businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Abel HR has the tools to support you in achieving clear, secure, and continuous business value, regardless of whether they are trying to become compliant in a specific work environment or need a comprehensive partner for strategic HR management. 


Time, Labor & Attendance

Improve your payroll processing through secure, maintenance-free, cloud-based employee scheduling and attendance monitoring.

The reality is HR expected to get payroll right, every time. Therefore, it’s critical to implement an accurate and reliable process. Move beyond outdated software, time sheets and spreadsheets to process employee time and attendance with proficiency.

Expense Management

Expense management is a system deployed by a business to process, pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses such as travel and entertainment.

Share & Perform

Capture and promote your business’s progress from the source: your employees.  Create more purposeful and promising paths for your employees. By measuring and guiding their individual and collective progress, isolved Share & Perform and isolved People Cloud help you systematically connect with your employees.

Learn & Grow

Our system has over 150 courses.  Our course list includes classes on Business Skills, HR Compliance, Information Technology/Cyber Security, Leadership Management, Sales and Service, Software, Workplace Safety, and more!  Abel HR is transforming employee experience for a better today and a better tomorrow.

Attract & Hire

Hiring is hard. In today’s candidate market, you’ve got to be on your toes from the first words you write in your job description to the moment you send an offer letter. Having an established hiring process, time-saving tools and quick follow through are all key to finding (and keeping!) your next great employee.

Learning Management System (LMS)

When it’s time to onboard new hires and help longtime staff members, consider these five advantages of LMS for employee training:

  • A comprehensive LMS comes loaded with ready made courses.
  • Custom training courses are easy to create and reuse
  • HR can develop and deploy curricula based on the job role.
  • Employees can learn at their own pace.
  • Record-keeping capabilities help companies ensure compliance.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Transaction Pro is software that allows users to bulk import, export, and delete transactional and list data into QuickBooks Online from Excel and CSV files, saving hours of time! Users can quickly and accurately handle accounting data needs and eliminate the need for manual data entry into QuickBooks Online.