Employee Benefit Management Services


Small and mid-sized businesses deserve to offer the same high-quality employee benefits as larger companies do. That’s why Abel HR has a full-service benefits department; to help businesses like yours thrive with cost-effective employee benefits plans.

It’s all about strength in numbers. Because we can pool employees together, Abel HR has much greater buying power when it comes to comprehensive and affordable benefits. That means we can offer excellent benefits at affordable rates, which boosts employee morale and retention, and reduces the expense and disruption of turnover.

Enjoy the benefits of:

Enrollment Assistance

Administering employee benefit insurance and managing the paperwork that follows takes time you could be spending on growing your business. Abel’s HR experts stay on the cutting edge of the law and can manage the enrollment process, answering employee questions with insider insight every step of the way.

Health Insurance

Job candidates commonly list health insurance among their top criteria when applying for and accepting positions. To stand out from the competition, your company needs to offer the best coverage at the best cost. Fortunately, Abel HR stands out from the competition offering more health plans than any other HR solution. We’ll even create customized plans if that’s what you need.

Best of all, we do the legwork for you. We can help you research the best plans for your organization, negotiate the best rates, and narrow down your options based on your employees’ needs. Plus, Abel’s in-house benefits department is always available to assist employees with any questions and issues they have with the carrier. We take the time to truly listen, understand your needs, and do whatever it takes to provide the right solution. Once your healthcare plan is firmly in place, we’ll help you manage the paperwork and administer coverage. With our employee benefit management services, it doesn’t get any easier.