HR Administration and Compliance


Human resources are about more than just offering great benefits. It’s also about boosting employee productivity, improving morale, and reducing liability. As New Jersey’s leading HR service company, Abel HR transforms the burden of HR administration into a tool that lets you focus on running your business instead of worrying about the day-to-day management of human resources. From employee handbooks to HR compliance to annual review policies, we’ll help you anticipate and avoid potential HR problems.

Let us make your job easier with any or all of the following HR support services:

Human Resource Information System

You’ll have peace of mind knowing Abel is managing all your important employee information in one secure database system. Completely customizable with names, titles, salary histories, performance reviews, company policies and handbooks, benefits administration, training records, disciplinary records, employee attendance, PTO usage, and more. Your HR information system will feed important HR functions, including payroll, accounting, and management.

Customized Employee Handbook

When it comes to employee handbooks, one size does not fit all. Abel HR will customize yours with rich and unique information that reflects your company culture perfectly.

Policies and Procedures Development

The most successful businesses set clear expectations of employees from the start. Abel’s HR professionals will work with you to understand your culture and goals and develop official documentation for company conduct, policies, and procedures. From harassment to confidentiality to new hires, we stay on top of current legislation and compliance issues to keep you compliant with applicable federal and state laws.

Compensation Plan Assistance

You want to attract and retain top talent. Let us help you by developing comprehensive compensation plans ̶complete with salaries, wages, benefits, and conditions for employee bonuses, raises, incentives, and ranges for salary growth over time. Guided by industry benchmarks and your financial situation, Abel’s team of HR experts can help you achieve long-term company growth and stability.

Job Description Development

Finding and hiring high-quality candidates starts with an effective job description. At Abel, we craft and customize compelling job postings that not only attract top talent but also comply with HR best practices, industry standards, and applicable laws.


Hard-to-find talent is no match for Abel’s recruitment team. We make recruitment process management simple, offering pre-employment screening services like resume reviews and phone interviews, which send only the finest qualified candidates right to your door. Need help with placing a job advertisement or posting in an industry publication? We do that, too. Plus, we’ll even post your job descriptions on leading online job boards or industry publications, so you can focus on what you do best.

New Hire Processing

Congratulations! You found the best employee for the job. Now it’s time for onboarding, which involves a ton of administrative work. Let Abel take care of it all, from processing forms with the IRS (e.g. W-2s, W-9s) and Department of Homeland Security (e.g. I-9s) to health insurance enrollment and 401(k) verification.

EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Reporting

Companies with minimum headcounts or certain government contracts must report employee numbers by job category and by gender and raciZZal/ethnic background. With Abel handling your EEO reporting, you’ll avoid misclassification, which can carry serious penalties, including jail time. Plus, we’ll help you develop employee data-collection procedures for future reporting.

Wrongful Termination and Harassment Claims

What would you do if one of your employees claimed they were harassed or wrongfully terminated? With Abel safeguarding you, you’ll face the situation confidently. Our experts will gather all the necessary details and represent you at the initial court hearing. If the plaintiff wins the hearing and the case proceeds to trial, we’ll provide an exceptional attorney using your EPLI (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) deductible, saving you the substantial costs of hiring your own defense.