Payroll & Related Taxes

It pays to get payroll & payroll taxes done right.

Your employees deserve to be paid accurately and on time. Even a small disruption in payroll and payroll taxes can affect your organization, leaving you open to poor employee productivity and legal issues. With Abel HR’s certified payroll processing and management, that will never be a problem.

Our in-house business payroll and benefit solutions provides efficient and flexible processing, with impeccable withholding calculations and tax payments. Paychecks are signed, sealed, and either delivered or deposited directly into employee bank accounts. We handle all the documentation and headaches for you.

Empower your business with payroll benefit solutions, including:

Certified Payroll Processing

There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing your payroll runs like clockwork. Our payroll taxes are certified by a CPA firm, and you’ll receive a letter confirming the appropriate payroll taxes were paid.

Payroll Management

Our dedicated payroll representatives take the pain out of payroll, managing:

  • Preparation and distribution of payroll checks
  • Direct deposit
  • Processing of employee liens and garnishments
  • PTO/sick/vacation time tracking
  • W-2 preparation and distribution
  • Quarterly and year-end state and federal deposits and filings
  • Detailed management reports