5 Must-Have Qualities for Your Next Job Candidate

A recent Gallup poll reveals that low engagement in the workplace costs the worldwide economy nearly 9 trillion dollars each year. Indeed, recent trends such as quiet quitting make choosing good candidates more important than ever. A positive attitude and good work ethic are as essential as experience, so here are a few characteristics to look for in future applicants.

Detail Oriented

It’s often the little things that can make or break a company. Accordingly, detail-oriented individuals possess a benefit that could (and should) give them an advantage over others. And someone with attention to detail will be able to demonstrate that on a resume by:

● Providing examples of specific achievements.
● Quantifying successes. Someone who is detail oriented will spend the extra time to list specific accomplishments.
● Ensuring the copy is free of spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.

A person who is focused on small details should demonstrate such by showing up on time and being prepared for the interview. That candidate will also be able to relay how they have used attention to detail to succeed at other positions.

Team Player

Team players are generally well liked and cause few conflicts. They also tend to look out for the company’s success rather than only being concerned about themselves. Good team players understand their roles and do not avoid their responsibilities or try to make a project all about them.

During the interview, look for these subtle clues that will let you know a candidate would be a good team player:

● Using “we/us” more often than “I/me” when discussing team projects.
● Showing good active listening and communication skills.
● Being able to discuss how that person has previously solved problems while working as a team member.

Always Eager to Learn

Regardless of whether you work somewhere one year or fifteen, you will never have everything all figured out. Good employees know this and are constantly honing their knowledge to become more proficient.

Look for those who have demonstrated a natural curiosity or willingness to learn. It doesn’t even have to be related to your industry either. Someone with a wide range of interests will likely have a passion for learning that will spill over into the workplace.

Can Adapt to Change

Changes will happen regardless of your industry. When they do, you’ll want employees who are flexible enough to keep up with them. Those eager to learn often adapt to change easier than others; however, that’s not the only clue you should look out for. Seek out those whose resume demonstrates ever-fluctuating roles and responsibilities within a company. Then ask questions to get a better idea how that person handled those changes when they arose.

Possesses a Solid Work Ethic

All the above skills are meaningless unless your candidate also has a good work ethic. Some questions that will help you gauge a person’s work ethic include:

● Describe an occasion where you performed a task without being asked to.
● What motivates you to work hard?
● What does having a strong work ethic mean to you?
● Are you willing to stay late or work overtime if needed?

Managing Benefits for a Well-Engaged Workforce

Finding highly-motivated talent requires a lot of due diligence on your part. After all your hard work, you’ll want to make sure your new hires stick around. You can do that by ensuring their payroll and benefits are managed appropriately. That’s where Abel HR comes in. Focus on screening your candidates and let us take care of everything else. Please contact us today to find out more.