6 Holiday Party Ideas that are Sure to be a Hit

It’s that time of year when everyone begins to eagerly anticipate the holidays. That includes your employees, who are probably wondering how you will plan to celebrate. Need some fresh ideas for this year’s festivities? If so, we have a few that will get you started. 

Host a Decorating Contest

Provide everyone with a basket full of garland, glitter, and small ornaments. Divide participants into teams and set a 30-minute time limit for decorating an area. When the time is up, take votes on the most creative and/or best display.

Another twist would be to have people decorate themselves rather than their workspaces. Have everyone dress in a plain t-shirt or sweatshirt that they can then add bling to as part of an “ugly sweater” contest. Then hold a fashion show so that everyone can show off their works of art.

Schedule a Movie Night

Remote workers can sometimes feel intimidated by the thought of a holiday office party. However, movies are a wonderful icebreaker, and who doesn’t love a good Christmas classic? Move out that conference table and bring in some comfy office chairs. Include some popcorn and a hot chocolate bar, and you’re all set.

Have a Virtual Gift Exchange

Do you have remote workers who can’t join you in person? Invite them to a virtual gift exchange. Using the Elfster app, participants can opt to either exchange gifts in person or have them mailed to a third-party location.

For those opting to stay home, schedule a zoom meeting where everyone can get together to open gifts. You may even wish to send a bottle of wine or sparkling juice so that they can join you in a toast, as well.

Celebrate Traditions From around the World

Incorporating traditions from around the world will highlight your company’s diversity, while introducing others to new customs. You could do this in one of two ways: by choosing a different country’s tradition to celebrate each day or by having a bigger party that includes elements of various ones.

Throw a North Pole Carnival

Kid-friendly activities are a must if you plan to involve the whole family. However, adults love carnivals as well so even those who don’t have children will enjoy one. Set up a few game booths, play some lively seasonal music, and maybe even include a few reindeer. Here are a few holiday-themed twists on traditional carnival games that you can use to get you going:

  • Create a ring toss game by painting glass bottles red and green and then using plastic wreaths as your “ring”
  • Make a cutout of a giant Christmas tree with balloon ornaments that you can pop with darts
  • Use floating penguins in a frozen lake instead of a duck pond
  • Pin the nose on Rudolph’s face in place of a traditional “pin the tail on the donkey” game
  • Turn plastic bowling pins into snowmen and bowling balls into snowballs, and then have players try to knock as many down as possible.

Hold a Pajama Party

A holiday party held during working hours will boost morale, while helping you avoid adding one more activity to your employee’s schedules. Rather than the usual attire, have everyone wear their favorite pair of (work-appropriate) pajamas in a holiday theme. Then offer a brunch consisting of gingerbread pancakes, cranberry muffins, and ornament-shaped omelets.

Enjoy the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Celebrating the holidays builds teamwork and makes people feel good about the work they perform every day. But making plans is difficult when you must also worry about employee pay and benefits. That’s where we come in, freeing you up from mundane tasks so that you are better able to focus on other things. Contact Abel HR today to see how we can assist you.