How To Advertise Job Openings

While larger companies work with a considerable recruitment budget, many smaller companies may not have the funds to take advantage of costly recruitment channels. There are other ways to advertise job openings which are also an excellent way for companies to source their candidates while keeping costs minimum.

When considering which free job advertising channel might work best for you, think of the type of employee you are looking for and where they are likely to be searching for jobs. Remember, everyone uses the internet differently.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of places you can advertise job openings at minimal to zero cost.

1. Coffee Shops

One low-cost recruitment method is to place posters in specific areas within the community. For example, employers can post messages on bulletin boards on college campuses and local coffee shops frequently visited by prospective candidates when looking for college graduates and younger applicants. On the other hand, when searching for back-to-work moms or dads, companies may want to place posters in grocery stores, pharmacies, and community centers.

2. Facebook Groups/Post

Facebook can also be of great significance in your job recruitment effort. You can use both your company and personal page for advertising job openings. Facebook Groups can also be very useful in posting your job vacancy.

There are several communities on Facebook that have their groups. An example is the Talent Acquisition Innovators Facebook Group, where recruiters and HR executives can join and exchange ideas. There are groups for other professions, and all of these can be used to promote your job vacancies.

3. Find Community Email Groups

You can join community email groups and connect with professional associations, and take every chance to meet up in person or exchange emails. The internet has opened up limitless networking opportunities. So, get involved in online discussions such as comments sections, email groups, Twitter chats, and forums.

People often ask about roles, opportunities in online communities, giving you a chance to share your knowledge, vacancies, and opportunities.

4. Advertise On Social Media

Today, there are an estimated 4.48 billion social media users across the globe. With so many people using social media every second, there’s a beautiful amount of potential waiting to be recruited. With that said, start using your personal and company LinkedIn account to advertise job openings.

You don’t have to pay for a LinkedIn job board. The platform is handy for posting job vacancies. If you have more connections, post a link to your career website to get more applications.

Posting jobs on Facebook helps you spread the word about your recruitment to a broad audience. Same with LinkedIn, employees can share their company’s new job opening and help reach even more job applicants.

Every company has its culture and tone, but basically, every Facebook job post should include the job title, location, benefits, and a compelling call to action. Make sure that your job post is simple and avoid heavy jargon.

Twitter is another place where you can advertise job openings in your company. Due to its character limit, mention only the most essential information to attract qualified candidates’ attention. Then, provide a link to the full job description, your career site, or an application form. Include the job title, location, and straightforward call to action in your Twitter post.

Pro tip: Use high-performing hashtags such as #jobs, #Hiring, #HRjobs, #QAjobs, #NewJerseyjobs, etc. and increase the reach of your job advertisement.