Top Company Perks that Won’t Break your Budget

According to Business News Daily, the average cost to hire someone is around $4,000. Indeed, retaining top talent is a high priority, but with high inflation, offering more salary and benefits isn’t always possible. The right perks might make or break your company, and here are a few low-cost ones you can implement immediately.

#1. Telecommuting

During the pandemic, more people than ever began working from home. But as fears of the virus waned, employers began mandating their employees return to work. The problem is that workers found they actually enjoyed telecommuting and no longer wanted to return to the office. 

Do you currently have remote associates? If so, consider whether they actually need to report for work in person. And if certain positions would allow for a work-at-home or even hybrid-remote model, consider implementing it in order to increase job satisfaction.

#2. Home-Office/Office Expense Budget

While working from home does remain popular, there’s also a risk that employees will feel disconnected. Providing a home-office budget is one way to show that you value what they are doing even if you are not right there with them. It will also boost morale by helping offset any money they are spending out of their pockets. 

Staff members will appreciate an office expense budget even if they are not working from home. Set aside funds that they can use for seasonal decorations or even an occasional office party. They’ll also enjoy personalizing their space and will likely feel more content working in it. 

#3. Flexible Schedules

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a top priority for many people. Being able to juggle work and personal responsibilities can go a long way toward improving morale or preventing burnout. Could you implement flexible schedules without stalling your operations in the process? Allow team members’ input and then consider their suggestions when determining how to adjust their “normal” working hours best. 

#4. Bring your Pet to Work

According to the University of Southern California, bringing pets to work can reduce stress and create a happier, more productive work environment. And since pets are a big part of peoples’ lives, allowing them to visit will also help provide work-life balance.

What if your workplace isn’t conducive to bringing pets? In that case, consider having a handler bring in animals on occasion instead. This would serve as a type of morale booster much like having service dogs visit a hospital or nursing home.

#5. An Improved Breakroom

Your breakroom is where people go to recharge during the workday. So why not make it a place where they can form relationships too? To foster teamwork, stock yours with activities that employees can work on together like board games or puzzles. Even more active games like foosball or ping pong can also help break the ice.

Games are nice, but they are not for everyone. Accordingly, some other ways that you can make your break room more appealing include:

  • Adding comfortable lounge chairs and/or a sofa
  • Offering healthy snacks and drinks
  • Providing educational books or magazines
  • Installing a fountain or other water features

Don’t Neglect your Regular Benefits

People will remember you for your perks, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your other benefits. Sometimes that means finding someone to help manage your payroll and benefits. Here at Abel HR, we handle the essential items so that you can focus on doing those little extras. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you and your organization.