What our clients are saying

Coordinating the three locations in our practice was very time consuming and costly. Abel HR streamlined this process and brought us a single platform for all of our locations. Since we became a client more than 10 years ago, our employees get far more attention than before. In addition, Abel HR’s retirement plan offerings have saved us thousands of dollars.

Al, Dentistry

We have been an Abel HR client since 1996. Their one-stop approach to all matters HR has been an integral part of the growth and success of our company in the past 17 years.

Chris, Packaging

Thank you very much for your quick responses. Abel HR is probably the best run company I’ve come across in my 30 plus years in this industry.

Tom, Logistics

We are currently with Abel and extremely happy with both their customer service and the cost of healthcare plans we get through them. They are the model for customer service in the industry.

Just so you have a history, we were with Abel for years then were wooed by another PEO, in 2012, by purported significant healthcare savings costs. As it turns out, the other PEO underwrites it’s own United Healthcare plans and once we switched, we noticed all the restrictions and limits on what we thought were equivalent offerings to what we had before. Denials of many prescriptive drugs, caps on both prescriptions and health insurance, reduced wellness care offerings and limits on physical therapy sessions (20 vs typical 40). I could go on and on. Our employees were furious. To add salt to the wound, the PEO gave us a double digit increase in our healthcare cost for the upcoming year. We promptly switched back to Abel in 2013.

Additionally, the nickel and dime costs (more like $100s and $1,000s) associated with switching 401K plans, year end testing and compliance, various HSA and other administrative fees essentially wiped out any savings gained from a non-equivalent medical plan.

I have used PEOs for over 20 years and am intimately familiar with the benefits and pitfalls, going back to Epix, Spectrum and Employee Solutions days. I have no reason to look beyond Abel and am thrilled with our relationship there.

George, Vantage

I wanted to tell you what I say around my office all the time – you and the Abel team do a great job!  We all enjoy working with all of you and we appreciate that our calls and emails are always answered quickly and correctly.  I have a feeling that your office works similar to ours, where we try to have questions and issues handled right away and always try to find answers even if the exact right person isn’t available at the moment.  Our office typically does not use voicemail, and I’ve noticed yours does not either.  For us as a small business, we appreciate that.  We still like the human connection! 

I know your jobs in HR and employment law are challenging and always changing, and thank you for staying on top of everything and helping guide us!

Jacqueline, Attorney

We are a family owned and operated business. Abel HR is one more extension of that family. Abel HR has been with us since 1993. Their one-stop HR suite allows us to be competitive with the biggest of companies, yet still maintain our core family atmosphere.

Mike, Engineering

I wanted to let you know how helpful the Abel staff has been throughout the pandemic. They have gone above and beyond through this entire ordeal to keep us informed and to give us any assistance we might need. No one renders service like this and in such a personal manner. I just wanted you to know how very valuable your company has been.

Thank you.

Mike, Leading Distributor