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Are Boomerang Employees Ever a Good Idea?

It’s a tale as old as time. You have a great employee who employee leaves for an amazing new job opportunity and then shows up again weeks, months or even years later in response to an open job posting. Dubbed boomerang employees, these folks include previously hired employees who come back, perhaps because that amazing […]

Employee Growth, Opportunity Encouraged by Reskilling

Sometimes the right person for the job is right under your nose. However, it’s the rare occasion when an individual has all the training and skills necessary for said job. In fact, just about every move, whether a promotion or lateral, will require at least some degree of training or upskilling. The benefits of hiring […]

Are you ready for new Equal Pay Mandates?

When the equal pay act was first ushered in 1963, it laid the ground-work for men and women to receive equal pay for equal work. Specifically, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) states that the bill “prohibits sex-based wage discrimination between men and women in the same establishment who perform jobs that require substantially equal […]

Should you opt for a PEO or a payroll company?

Joe Frazier versus Muhammad Ali, Boston Red Sox versus New York Yankees. Green Bay Packers versus Chicago Bears. PEO versus payroll companies. Well, turns out one of these things are not like the other and not just because they don’t involve sports teams and packed stadiums, but rather because there really isn’t any rivalry, per […]

HR how-to: Do you have a gift giving policy?

While you’re still nursing your turkey hangover, we’ve been busy thinking about the holiday season ahead and while it’s sure to be full of festive cheer, it’s also a season ripe for some rather large HR pitfalls. Take the good ol’ holiday gift. Whether it’s a secret Santa, a white elephant, a Yankee Swap, or […]

Do you know how to crisis plan for your business?

Cross training is essential for business continuity, yet so many companies do not do it. How do you go about cross training employees so there is coverage for every role in case of emergency? An heir and a spare. It’s the foundation of any well-planned monarchy but is there a takeaway here for businesses? From […]

Is the Next Great Hire Right in Front of You?

Finding the right person for a job is a huge undertaking. You spend time crafting the perfect job ad, pay a ton of money to have it posted on all of the best boards, spend countless hours interviewing potential candidates and…nothing. Could it be possible that the perfect person for your job opening does exist? […]

Get on the Path to Success with PEO

We talk a lot about the piecemeal things that a PEO can do for your company on this blog. Need to write a new employee handbook? We’ve got folks just waiting to get typing! Want to know what to do in the wake of an employee injury? We’ll send out our team! Want to pick […]

Harassment is Not Just that Nasty Comment

Typically, when we think about harassment in the workplace, we think about someone making a remark that someone else interprets as being offensive. With this, we typically think that there wasn’t really any mal-intent behind said remark and even tell ourselves that the person who reports the harassment is being…. well, just a little bit […]