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Cheap Snacks You Can Stock for the Best Office Kitchen Ever

Children are back in school, sporting events have started, and your employees are busier than ever. One way to ease their stress during this season is to have a well-stocked break room full of healthy snacks. Your workers will be relieved to know that preparing snacks for the office is one thing they can check […]

Are You a Great Boss? 5 Things Exceptional Leaders Do Differently

A recent LinkedIn survey reveals that as many as 61% of workers are considering quitting their jobs this year. It’s often been said that people don’t quit bad jobs, they leave poor bosses. How can you be the manager that everyone wants to work for? Here are a few ideas to implement. Stop Worrying About […]

5 Must-Have Qualities for Your Next Job Candidate

A recent Gallup poll reveals that low engagement in the workplace costs the worldwide economy nearly 9 trillion dollars each year. Indeed, recent trends such as quiet quitting make choosing good candidates more important than ever. A positive attitude and good work ethic are as essential as experience, so here are a few characteristics to […]

5 Strategies that Will Guarantee More Effective Meetings

According to a Microsoft survey, 2 out of 3 workers claim “meeting and email bloat” leaves them with insufficient time and energy to perform their jobs. In that same survey, respondents claimed to receive important information and having a chance to provide feedback were motivating factors when attending meetings. Clearly, there’s a need to implement […]

A Guide to Nailing Your Next Job Interview

Research.com reports that there are over 4,300 higher-learning institutions in the United States. That means a lot of graduates will soon be flooding the job market. With so much competition out there, it’s essential you’re ready to tackle your next employment interview head-on. Here are a few tips that will help you nail it. Review […]

6 Steps to Creating a Winning Internship Program

Research from Zippa reveals that 300,000 people complete internships every year. Of those, nearly 70% go on to work for the same company they interned for. Indeed, there are many benefits to offering internships, provided you have a solid program. You need to get ready right now for summer placements, and here are a few […]

Tips that Will Help You Survive Working for a Bad Boss

A full-time employee will spend around 2,080 hours at work each year. However, that time can seem even longer if you must also deal with a bad boss. Quitting your job is not always the answer, but we do have a few suggestions for dealing with toxic management. Evaluate Determining exactly what triggers you is […]

Top Company Perks that Won’t Break your Budget

According to Business News Daily, the average cost to hire someone is around $4,000. Indeed, retaining top talent is a high priority, but with high inflation, offering more salary and benefits isn’t always possible. The right perks might make or break your company, and here are a few low-cost ones you can implement immediately. #1. […]

Recruiting Time Management Tips to Help you Start 2023 Off Right

According to Business Insider, the economy in 2023 is about to get tougher. But fewer job openings does not mean that recruiters will not face hectic days. In fact, an economic slowdown could mean even more applicants are applying for every position. The fact is that time management is essential for any recruiter whether we […]

6 Holiday Party Ideas that are Sure to be a Hit

It’s that time of year when everyone begins to eagerly anticipate the holidays. That includes your employees, who are probably wondering how you will plan to celebrate. Need some fresh ideas for this year’s festivities? If so, we have a few that will get you started.  Host a Decorating Contest Provide everyone with a basket […]