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5 Law Firm Management Tips

Running a law firm is already a physically and mentally demanding venture. Lawyers have to handle the court sessions, appearances, and client meetings. On top of that, they also have to manage the business aspect of the law firm. This includes recruitment, staff, payroll, documentation, working with third-party vendors, budgeting, and more. A proper system must be […]

3 Tips For Running a Better Dental Practice

1. Expand and Train Staff When you find the best people for your dentist practice, training them is one of the first steps to running a better dentist’s practice. Ensure that they know how to communicate with your patients properly. After all, if you want to keep patients going to your dental practice, communication is […]

How to Know Your Employees Better

A seasoned leader knows that their employees are the organization’s biggest asset. Prioritizing them can significantly contribute to the company’s overall success. However, getting to know your employees can be a daunting task, especially for large organizations. Here are simple ways to get yourself acquainted with your employees. Invite Them Out to Coffee Get to […]

Out-sourced PR Hacks

Any business owner knows that they should promote their company, services, or products to get more customers flocking to them. Marketing is already a given, but many small businesses overlook the power of public relations. It can be tempting to hire an expert to work on your public relations (PR). However, you don’t need to […]

How to organize a comfortable one-on-one meeting

One-on-one meetings with managers are nerve-wracking situations. While it’s a way to give feedback and assess how your team is doing, it is also at risk of being performative, or worse, unnecessary.  When unplanned, pre-meeting anxieties can easily turn into unintended sources of stress. You need to apply time-management tips and have agendas, talking points, […]

Outsourced Marketing Hacks

Businesses strive to get leads and prospects and convert them into customers. And they can attribute that to marketing. Fortunately, any business has the luxury of choosing which strategies they can implement to achieve their marketing goals. But marketing can also be tedious without the right people to handle it. Some small businesses would outsource […]

When To Conduct Performance Appraisals 

Performance appraisals are periodic assessments of an employee’s job performance. These reviews highlight the strengths and weaknesses to improve future performance. It also allows managers to suggest areas for improvement and monitor the progress of goals. While every organization values performance reviews, carrying out an effective system is quite burdensome. One of the frequent questions […]

How to up your Negotiation Game

When it comes to thinking about who the top negotiators are in your business, you’d likely go ahead and pick your sales or even account management team. After all, they spend most of their office hours wheeling and dealing and trying to negotiate with your customers. However, there is one group of folks who also spend the […]

What a Hybrid Workforce Looks Like

A hybrid workforce is one that has a team of employees working around a flexible work structure. It is a deviation from the traditional work model that we’re used to. It is a blend of employees working from remote locations and those that are in a central office. To make you understand a hybrid workforce […]

How to Hire Remote Employees

Even with COVID-19 numbers declining, working from home has become the new norm. Sourcing candidates is often harder for companies that are building a remote team. While hiring is time-consuming, it might be the most important thing you do as an employer to create a successful team.  We have collated a few steps to help […]