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Wage Increases for 2022 and How to Prepare for Them 

As if making rapid-fire changes to your company to survive a pandemic wasn’t hard enough, experts suggest that these same changes are landing some businesses in trouble for wage and hour violations. A group of Blank Rome attorneys noted that “several trends have converged in the wage and hour space at present,” including changes in […]

Questions to Ask in Your Next Employee Survey

Conducting an employee survey is vital to direct the company on the right path. However, one must be careful to act on the feedback or results if applicable. Otherwise, it can destroy your employee’s morale and render the survey useless. And this is the last thing you want if you’re running a business.  As you […]

Manager’s Guide to Layoffs

One of the most challenging tasks for any manager is to notify an employee of their layoff. It is loaded with potential legalities, not to mention feelings of guilt, anxiety, and sometimes panic. To make the process easier, here is a list of things to do when laying off an employee: Prepare When notifying someone […]

Should you Ditch the Annual Review?

Over the past two years, companies have made so many changes — some even completely pivoting their products or services to meet this new pandemic world — that it seems almost ludicrous to suggest that you make yet another change. And yet here we are, proposing that you consider ditching the annual performance review process. […]

How to Get Hired

Do you want to start working for your ideal company right away? Is this your first job search, yet you want to do well right off the bat? When you’re competing against a whole slew of other qualified candidates, standing out can be quite the challenge. That is why putting in a little more effort […]

Office Dress Code Reminders

Depending on the work that you do, you may have a specific office dress code that you need your employees to follow. However, it’s not uncommon for team members to slip from the attire standards over time. Here are a few ways to remind everyone about the office dress code. Create Policy Reminder Scripts Sometimes, […]

Preparing for Millennials and Gen Z in the Workforce

Millennials, which includes those born between 1982 and 1996 currently comprise 35 percent of the US workforce, and data suggests that their ranks could swell to as much as 75 percent in 2025. However, Gen Z, which includes those born between 1997 and 2012, are just now entering the workforce, but are expected to make up nearly one-third of the workforce […]

Eight Techniques to Manage a Flexible Workforce

In the post-pandemic world, pretty much everyone agrees that what the working world needs is a little more flexibility. Luckily, businesses are on board with this idea and appear willing to do pretty much whatever it will take to prevent their next worker from being a part of the great resignation. While we love the […]

Types of Employee Burnout

Do you ever feel like you’re dragging yourself to work every morning? Are you struggling to find joy in the tasks that you do at work? You could be experiencing employee burnout, and you’re not alone.  In fact, an employee burnout survey by Indeed published in March 2021 says 52 percent of respondents felt it. […]

Four Recruiting Predictions for 2022

It’s hard to believe we’re almost one month into 2022.  After all, most of us are only just now remembering to write the right date on our sign-offs! But alas, the year is in full swing, and the experts have already put their heads together to figure out what changes are coming down the pike […]